Friday, December 8, 2023

3 Teens Graduated Friday, Got Arrested Saturday With A S***load Of Alcohol And Drugs Heading To The Beach

Three teens graduation party was cut short even before it began. Last week on Saturday, a speeding car doing 76 mph in a 55 mph zone was pulled over by the  North Carolina State Highway Patrol. The smell of marijuana prompt the police to search the vehicle. That’s when they found 50 liters of beer, 18 liters of liquor, cocaine, marijuana, and over $3000.00 in cash.

The three had just graduated from high school the night before in Virginia. They had been saving for a year to spend their graduation party to spend a week at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with other graduating seniors from their school. Read the full story here.


Cristhianna Ismael Ortez Flores 18


Michael Joan Berrios 18


Lorenzo Dominic Cota 18

Source/ Images: WJLA ABC 7