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A Countdown Of The Five Worst Events That Happened On The 4th of July, 2016.


Yesterday on July 4th, 2016, there were some unusual events that took place making it the worst 4th of July’s ever for some people. Here is a countdown of some of the events that happen.

5.ESPN decided not to air the live broadcast of Nathan Hotdog Eating Contest, instead showed Wimbledon Tennis matches. Some people felt like ESPN interrupted their traditional all American 4th of July event by showing a sports event that took place in England.

4. Mexican officials burned 17 tons of weed and other narcotics. Even thoughthis happened last week, I didn’t find out about it until July 4th.

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Watch all that bud go up into the air…somebody got a major contact.



3. Japans first virtual reality adult convention was cancelled because too many people showed up. Technically, this isn’t a 4th of July event, but it did happen on the 4th in Japan. Some of the following contains NSFW material.

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2. PBS got caught up in a scandal because they showed “repeats” of July 4th Firework Footage on the Washington D.C Mall. People quickly noticed that it was cloudy in reality in Washington D.C, but the PBS footage showed some clear skies in the Nation’s Capital.

People then started comparing PBS firework coverage to Milli Vanilli.

I think they should have gave a disclaimer like that person does when your favorite soap opera actor is out sick and the understudy has to take their place, “Today’s 4th of July is played by last years 4th of July”.



1. The biggest event that happened on the 4th of July, was NBA’s Kevin Durant announcing that he was leaving his team, Oklahoma City Thunders for a new team, Golden State Warriors. Thunder fans let him have on Twitter.




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