All of the things we tell our kids not to be, is exactly who Donald Trump is.


All parents tell their kids these simple rules to help them get through childhood and grow up to become better people. But somehow those rules don’t apply to Donald Trump.

DON’T TELL A LIE! Donal Trump has told so many lies that he has to lie about lying. He said he saw thousands of Muslims in a New Jersey park celebrating on 9/11 after the attack on the World Trade Center. Donald also claimed that he could see people from his apartment at Trump Towers jumping out of the windows. The stories he tell.

DON’T MAKE FUN OF DISABLED PEOPLE!.  When your a child and don’t understand things, people with disabilities look and act different. Sometime a child will laugh at a disabled not knowing their condition is serious. But not Donald. He made fun of a New York Times reporter by mocking his disability. OH and then he lied and said he wasn’t making fun of him.

new york time reporter

DON’T CALL PEOPLE UGLY! During a interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Donal Trump call insulted Carley Fiorina by saying her face should never be the face of the United States President.

DON’T BULLY PEOPLE! Well that’s all Donald seems to do. People on Twitter agree that he is a bully.