Chris Brown And Soulja Boy, How You Gonna Be A G Beefing On The Internet Using Hashtags And Emoji’s.


OK, so Chris Brown and Soulja have been beefing on the internet for a couple of days now. It all started when Soulja Boy liked an Instagram post by Chris browns ex-girlfriend, Karrueche. Anyway the both of them have been on social media talking trash about each other…over the internet. I’m just saying, if you’re going to beef with someone, then beef. Make a diss track, or show up in the other person’s hood and go to brunch and wait for them to show up. You just cant beef with a dude hundreds of miles away using a smart phone and frowny face emojis




                                                                                                             …that’s just not cool.


I can imagine it now:

“Aww man, I cant post wright now cause I don’t have no bars”

Or “Wait, I forgot to use spell check”.

How about “Now, all I have to do is edit”.


If you want to find out more about there beef, you can look the s*** up yourself.