Done Deal. Thomas Gibson’s Final Appearance On Criminal Minds


Earlier this year Thomas Gibson was fire form the long running hit show, Criminal Minds for assaulting one the writers of the show. Fans of the show eagerly waited to see how Gibson’s character, “Hotch” would be written off the show. Gibson’s final scene came after he ordered J.J. to take some time off.

Last night episode of Criminal Minds revolved around on J.J. and her husband discussing a flash back scene about the team’s most recent case, searching for a child abductor. J.J. was apparently distraught over the case and her husband wanted to help by getting her to talk about it.

There was no long drawn out goodbye or clearing out his office. The show didn’t exactly deal with what will happened to “Hotch”, all we know is that Thomas Gibson is no more. Twitter said their final goodbyes and remorse for the actor and to some, even the show.