Monday, October 2, 2023

Epic Fuc**** Fit. Coach For The Ladies Football Team Gave His Players An Ass Chewing Of A Lifetime

Legends Football League (formally Lingerie Football League) coach, Jericho Harris  for the Austin Acoustics did not appreciate his team losing 20-0 against Dallas Desire at halftime during the Texas Bowl. He let them have it once they got back to the locker room. He dropped so many F-Bombs I had to cover my own ears. At one time refereed to their opponents as “big bit**s). The best part of the tirade is when he told his team to “go in there and f*** s*** up”. Well they didn’t listen to him because they lost 46-6. This has got to go down as one of the most epic halftime locker room coaches having a fit moment. Watch the video of his blowup below and then watch two of the plays that proved why the Dallas Desire team dominated the entire game.


Watch as a Dallas receiver escapes 4 tackles  and make the score 40-6


This last play by Dallas was just sweet and sealed the deal at 46-6 with nice fake reverse play.


Image and Video footage from LFL YouTube.