Why EVERYONE And I Mean EVERYONE Should Be Thankful For Donald Trump’s Run As The President.

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I have no intentions of voting for Donald Trump, but I am thankful and appreciative for him running for the next President of The United States. We are at the end of two terms for our first African American President. Hopefully, we will be celebrating our first female President. But we still have to acknowledge Donald Trump as our first everyday citizen nominated by the Republican Party for the next POTUS. Yes, Trump has a lot of money and was a household name as a celebrity, but still he was just an everyday citizen. When you think about, compared to all the millions of American citizens, there are just a handful of politicians that hold a political office. Trump just discredited everything we know about being a politician, especially as the President. We all have are likes and dislikes for politicians and their policies, and sometimes think we ca do a better job. Well, Trump didn’t just talk about making changes, he did something about. Mr. Trump said that if he does not win as President, that this was just a waste of time and money. I don’t think so. What he did was show us is that as citizens we no longer have to keep quiet and sit back and take it from the man, but we can do something about, even without a political background. He kept it real and gave it 100% and more. For that I say thank you Donald Trump.