FBJ Of The Week April 15, 2017. First Ever Triple Tie . United Airlines /Sean Spicer/Congressman Joe “You Lie” Wilson

FBJ Of The Week

FBJ Of The Week April 15, 2017.

This week it was hard to single out just one outrageous moment to be crowned the FBJ Of The Week. So, for the first time ever we have a 3 way tie. Not in any particular order, here we go.

1. United Airlines of course. This week a video went viral of a passenger getting dragged and assaulted by United security for not volunteering to give up his paid seat for a United Airlines employee. To make matters worse, the C.E.O. for United Airlines put out a statement saying that it was the passengers fault for what happened. 

2. White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Earlier this week Spicer got a lot of backlash for saying Adulf Hitler never usesd chemical weapons. People reacted quickly because there was such a thing called the holocaust, which millions of Jews died in gas chambers at the command of Hitler. 

3. Congressman Joe Wilson, the guy that shouted “you lie” during one of President Barack Obama speeches.

Well, he got a taste of his own medicine during one of his recent South Carolina town hall meetings his constitutes started shouting “you lie, you lie”