FBJ Of The Week. August 20, 2016. Olympic Swimmer Lying Ryan Lochte And His Crew.

FBJ Of The Week

I was inspired by Ryan Lochte to bring back the FBJ of the week, Honoring The Most Ridiculous Thing That Happened All Week.

Week Ending August 20, 2016. Olympic Swimmer Lying Ryan Lochte And His Crew.

lochte and his crew

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte made up a silly story about him and his other team mates Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and Jimmy Feigan getting robbed at gun point while out on the town in Rio during the 2016 Olympic games. Lying Ryan even went as far to say that robbbers were dressed as policemen and pulled them over in their cab, out a gun to his head and made them all lay on the ground were they had their money and wallets stolen.

The Olympic swimmers lied about the incident. Brazil investigators found holes in their story and a judge ordered that the men turn their passports over and remain in Rio until further notice. Well, Lochte had already gotten the hell outta of dodge, and was back in the United States. Conger and Bentz got dragged off their plane by Brazil police before they could make their great escape back home. Feigan agreed to pay more than $10,000 to a charity in exchange for his return back to the Unites States.  All of the men have since returned home.

So that being said..”Lying” Ryan, “Whack” Jack, “Get Bentz”, and “Timmy” (that kid form South Park) “Timmy” Jimmy ALL win the honor of being the FBJ Of The Week for August 20, 2016.

Image from New York Post