Fugitive Took A Sh** In The Back Seat Of A Police Cruiser. Officer Said He Heard “Explosive Diarrhea”.

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Police arrested a fugitive that took a shit in a police cruiser then managed to slip the cuffs off to make a brief getaway.

According to WKBN, Liberty, Ohio police arrested female fugitive, 27 year old Lady Livermore when they found her hiding in a crack house. The officer put her in the back seat of the police cruiser. While driving the officer said Livermore started screaming about “bowel issues” from medical related problems that makes her have to poop. The officer reported hearing “explosive diarrhea” from his back seat and let Livermore out so she could finish shitting in the grass. 

Somehow, Livermore was able to escape from her handcuffs and tried to make a run for IT while still wearing her shitty clothes. The officer chased after her and even tried to taser the fugitive, but when she didn’t stop, the officer eventually had to tackle her shitty self. The officers cruiser has been cleaned and hopefully his uniform too. 

Source: WKBN