The Hate. Joseline Hernandez Made A Diss Track On Cardi B…And Now My Ears Hurt Like Hell. Stebie Come Get Your Baby Mama

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Former LAHHA star, Joseline Hernandez made a pitiful attempt at a diss track on Cardi B. For those of you that may not know this, but Hernandez has been trying to make in the music business for years. Cardi B, also from the LAHH crew, career is taking off and just recently performed on the Grammys with Bruno Mars. Joseline AKA, The Puerto Rican Princess put out a short video that is supposed to be directed at Cardi B. Its really seems like Joseline is hating on Cardi B’s success and is trying to get some attention with a profanity laced music video. You can watch the video below, but be warned you may need a pain pill afterwards.