Horrible. Woman Killed Her Boyfriend By Pouring Bleach Down His Throat And Laughed About It.


24 year old Yasmine Elder killed her boyfriend, Darrius Ellis, 26 by pouring bleach down his throat. Sometime in the early hours of the morning Monday, the two got into an argument while sitting in a van. Assistant States Attorney Joseph Carlson said Yasmine was able to pin Ellis down by pulling his dreadlocks and knee. That’s when she reached for a bottle of bleach and poured it over Ellis face and some of the liquid got in his mouth. Yasmine left the van even as her boyfriend was yelling in pain from the bleach going down his throat.

A witness to the incident call 911 and Ellis was rushed to the hospital. When the prosecutor told Yasmine that her boyfriend may die, they said she laughed. Yasmine is currently being held on $1 million bail. Read the full article here at the Chicago Tribune.

Source- Chicago Tribune