Hot Mess Or Got No Chill. Anthony Wiener Was Sexting A 15 Year Old. He Must Not Know That Chris Hansen Is Back On The Scene.

Earlier today, the Daily Mail reported that Anthony Wiener was sexting a 15 year old girl for months. The unknown girl’s name as withheld because she is still a minor, gave an exclusive interview detailing their relationship. He wanted her to act out rape fantasies and dress up in school girl clothing.

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In the message above Wiener says ” I would bust that tight pu*** ”

Wiener reached out and admitted to that he has used poor judgment (using social media) to communicate with people.

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Here he admits that he knows she is in high school.

He also jokes about being on Dateline. Chris Hansen had a popular segment that started on Dateline called How to Catch A Predator, which focused on setting up and busting child predators. Chris Hansen is back as host of the syndicated show, Crime Watch Daily. He is back doing a series of Hansen Vs, Predators, in which he again engages in helping the police catch these perverts.

Watch  Hansen vs Predator Catching a Plumber on the prowl.









He even sent the girl a picture of him with his son.


















Read the full story here at the Daily Mail.

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