How Ignorent! Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After She Ran Down The Sidechick Of Her Baby Daddy

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Shadasia Ellison, 19 from Wilmington, North Carolina was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder, and assault with a deadly weapon after she was caught on camera hitting a woman with her car. Ellison ran over the victim whom she believed was seeing the father of her child and then posted a warning message to other women on Snapchat. Ellison is also being charged with child abuse because she had her child in the car when the incident occurred. Her bond was set to over $1 million dollars.

Ellison posted this warning message to any other woman out there thinking about hooking up with her baby daddy. “The next bitch thinking about fu***** with my baby daddy, bitch you better be car repellent because if I see your ass imma vroom”

News Source: WECT

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