Friday, December 8, 2023

Leaked Footage From The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte, A Fight Between 2 Of The 7 Women Sharing A House. Yes This Is Happening

If you haven’t heard, there is a show in production called The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte. The show will focus on of course, side chicks telling their view of how they live their lives as the other woman. Now this may seem a bit strange but why not, there’s a reality show about anyone and anything on TV or the internet. Any way, seven women are supposed to be sharing a house in somewhere California. Someone posted a video on YouTube showing a fight between two of the women. It looks creditable enough to actually be the women fighting during a live Instagram video and one of them gets knocked out after getting hit with a pool ball. 

“Soooo, we all know there would be drama when it came to this reslity show ” Real Side Chicks of Charlotte”. So all the girls have been moved to a house in California and believe to have started the recording of the new reality show to come. Well , Behind scenes has hit the front and Shador is not with the fake chick who is the oldest cast memeber on the set. Shador was live on Facebook before the fight broke out and it all started with Tiffany trying to be all up in Shador face but she was not having it when she responded to Tiffany ” I’m not feeling you” after being asked to “come here” by Tiffany. Then all hell broke lose. Lol Literally.. It started with trying to separate the girls but the guys who were holding them back had enough after Tiffany tried to spit on Shador. Yes ! The guys proceeded to let the girls know if yall want to fight ” Fight right here” and Shador was TTG (Trained to go) lol.”-Porsche Jahnae 


You can check out their Instagram page to find out more about these homewreckers.