Maggie McMuffin’s Covered “Muffins” Got Her Kicked Off A Jet Blue Plane Because Her Shorts Were Too Short

A burlesque dancer named Maggie McMuffin was tying to board a Jet Blue plane heading to Seattle. The flight crew refused to let hr on because of her shorts being too short and inappropriate and that she needed to cover up for her to board the plane. Of course not wanting to miss her flight, Maggie went to buy a larger size at one of those expensive as hell stores located in another terminal. The shorts are about the same length of a woman summer dress or skirt, have any of those women been kicked off the plane. I can see if there was some butt checks hanging out, then yeah maybe. Not to mention how many times I seen a group of cheerleaders heading to a competition in their short outfits. Jet Blue Boston Crew..get a grip.



Her friend, Molly McIsaac posted the incident on Facebook.

Source KIRO 7 and Facebook