Man Told Cops He Was Delivering His Friends Drugs For A Free Vacation In The Key West…Rated The Weed An 8 Out Of 10


21 year old Tyler Doidge from Cape Coral, Florida was on his way to Key West to drop off some drugs that his friends had left behind. He was pulled over for speeding twice the speed limit, by Deputy Matthew Cory from the Monroe County Sheriff’s office. Tyler admitted to speeding because he was on his way to a free vacation. After Deputy Cory smelled weed coming from the car, he told Tyler he was going to search it. Officer Cory found 3 grams of marijuana in a backpack and 318 ecstasy pills.   

Doidge told the office he was delivering the drugs to his friends house and the would repay him for all his expenses from Cape Coral to Key West. Tyler also admitted to smoking some of the weed before he made the trip. Officer Cory asked Tyler to rate the weed, in which Tyler gave it a 8 out of 10. Doidge was arrested and taken to the jail without bond. Read the full story here at the Miami Herold                      

Source-Miami Herold