Martina Big Completed Her Transformation From Being White Into A ‘Black Woman’…She Now Loves Chicken

Martina Big went through a series of plastic surgeries to enhance her look. In the beginning she had face lifts and breast enhancements…very LARGE breast enhancements. Earlier this year she decided that she wanted to become a ‘Black’ as in African-American. to do that, was injected with chemicals that completely turned her skin darker. 

She uses saline to keep her breast enlarge, a procedure she does on herself.

Image from Barcroft TV

Martina recently mad an appearance on The Maury Show where she talks about being 80% black, while wearing a Black Girls Rock necklace.

Its been more than 7 months since Martina started her procedures. Now she has black hair extensions and fuller lips to resemble a black woman. Martina is convinced that her darker skin has actually made her take on the characteristics of a black woman. She wrote on Facebook that as a white person she hated chicken, but now she loves it.