Naughty Nurses. 5 Cases Of Real Nurses Behaving Badly


Naughty nurses, every man’s fantasy. A woman in a short skirt with high heel boots giving you a sponge bath, oh yeah! But let’s face it, those nurses portrayed on TV and in the movies are not real…or are they. Here are some of the best naughty nurse moments I could find.

  1.  Fighting Coworkers. nurse fightSomewhere in Shanghai two nurses got into it at work after one of the nurses gave another nurse a b**** slap over what seemed like a calm conversation.






2.  Twerking on your lunch break.



3. “Care Twerker” That is how The Sun online post described Shnae Barton. shany3 shanay2 shnany




She is (was by now) a care giver for the elderly in London that got busted posting Periscope live streaming  videos while she was on duty. The Sun reports that she was seen twerking and showing her boobs right along side of her patients. She has posted numerous videos under her Periscope name “Shnae­Naee” (“oh my goodness”) while her followers cheered her on. You can read the full story here at The Sun.







Images from The Sun



4. Fighting coworkers again. fighting nurseThis time about overtime. It looks like two nursing assistance’s got into a rumble in a hospital parking lot about overtime.

Warning,the video below contains violence.





5. Some true naughty nurses that dare to get bare in the work place.