Where Are They Now? Teacher Who Told A Student Sit Down “Ni**a” Then Tried To Explain The Difference Between Ni**a And Ni**er

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Louisville, February 2006. High school teacher Paul Dawson was suspended for ten days for calling one of his students at Valley Traditional High School “Nigga”. The incident happened in his classroom when one of his students was standing by the door and Dawson admitted that he told the student to “get away from the door ni**a”. Dawson defended his actions in an interview with WHAS 11 News by defining the difference between ‘ni**a’ and ‘ni**er’. As an English teacher, Dawson said that the version ‘ni**a’ is a term he heard his students use often referring to each other as “hey dude” or “hey man” and that he knows ‘ni**er’ is a racial slur. During the WHAS interview, Dawson foolishly use the word repeatedly to demonstrate what he was replying when he called the student “ni**a”. Its like saying “ni**a what?… ni**a please… can you lend a ni**a a pencil”. 

Where is Paul Dawson now? As of November 2017, Dawson continues to teach English at Valley Traditional High School (this has not been verified). Some of his student have praised him on Rate My Teacher. You can watch the interview below Dawson gave to WHAS below.