OMG! Woman Faked Being Pregnant For 9 Months To Get Even With Her Baby Daddy…They Couldn’t Tell Her Stomach Looks Like A Bag Of Rocks.

Shocking Special Reports

A Harnett County, N.C.woman faked her pregnancy for an entire 9 months, like just one day before delivery. Her name is Angela Smith and the woman had a gender reveal party and 2 baby showers. She put out a brief message on Facebook before deleting her account explaining why she did fake the pregnancy. Her intentions were to get back at her boyfriend for hurting her. But what about all those people who invested time and money on baby showers and gifts? Those people didn’t deserve to be tricked for a whole damn 9 months. Now her family and kids have to deal with this nonsense. But really, nobody can’t tell her stomach looks like a bag of rocks?