Saturday, December 2, 2023

Senior Prank. Kids At Ramona High School Posted A Craigslist Add Selling The School For $2017.

“Ramona High School is a public secondary school located in Ramona, California on Hanson Lane Road. It serves the town of Ramona and the San Diego County Estates, as well as a few students from Julian Santa Ysabel.

The school itself consists of several classroom buildings on an outdoor campus. Also included is a large football stadium that also hosts other sports like soccer and lacrosse. There is ample parking space spread across two parking lots in the front, and a pretty run down dirt lot in the back in desperate need of some paving. Much of the campus has also recently been given a fresh coat of paint by resident superhero Bob. On some days you can even smell the scent of cow feces in the morning. Underclassmen included in the purchase.

We are selling this beautiful campus because the 2017 seniors are graduating and they were the only thing keeping this school going. Without them, we are nothing.

All offers will taken into consideration.”