SMH! Black Man Arrested By Edina Police (Minnesota) For Walking In The Street..Could Have Just Said Get Out The Street.

A witness got footage of a Black getting arrested for walking in the street because the sidewalk was under construction. Its clear the the officer was using his authority to hold the man that he said was not under arrest. Another officer arrived on the scene and arrested the man.

“I witnessed and videoed this earlier today. I passed by a man who was walking on the white line of the shoulder of the street. There was construction and it was obvious that the sidewalk was not available right there so he was hugging the right side as far as he could go. I went around him and noticed in my rearview mirror that an unmarked SUV turned on police lights. The officer pulled in front of the pedestrian to cut him off and proceeded to accuse him of walking in the middle of the street.”-Citizen 7107 (YouTube)