Why Did It Take The Death Of A White Woman To Have A Racist Website Removed From The Internet?

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The racist website, Daily Stormer has been taken off the internet after a hateful article about Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Charlottesville, Virginia was posted on their website. GoDaddy was the first to announce that the Daily Stormer would have to find a new domain provider. Tumblr removed their blog page and Google announced they would not be interested in hosting the Daily Stormer. In fact Google removed Daily Stormer from YouTube and Google Plus. But why did it take the death and mocking of a White woman for internet providers to remove such hatred material form the internet?

The internet changed the way people give and receive information. Social media provided a way for people to share information more quickly than the days of making phone calls and creating mailing list. Websites also play a big role in sharing material over the internet. In this case, Daily Stormer was allowed to spread its hate and racist material over the internet and they are not the only website to do so. Many of those website post hateful material against Muslims and African-Americans and some just oppose any other race that are non-White. Up until now, those particular websites have been allowed to function on the internet by web providers such as GoDaddy while defending that they are allowed fairly to do so under the Freedom of Speech. I did some research and there are a lot of those websites that exist, none that I care to mention.

African-Americans have suffered bigotry and hatred by some Whites far too long now. The internet made it more easily to spread racist and hateful articles and messages targeted specially at African-Americans. Racist websites have been operating for years while mocking the deaths of African-Americans. 

Click here to watch how a Black woman’s death was mocked on one of those racist websites.

Nothing was said or has been done other than they have to right to say and publish whatever they want, no matter how hurtful it may be. People have been trying for years to have those websites removed from the internet. The reality is that internet providers are more likely to shut down a website or social media for copyright issues. Recently, Facebook quickly removed some leaked episodes of the STARZ television program POWER from its site.

The Unite the Right rally that took place in Virginia was no different from any other racist march that is allowed to take place in America. Two opposing sides, one fighting for a better America and one fighting for a White America. The terrible incident that occurred which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer was just tragic and sparked outrage for letting the rally to even take place. It’s really sad that a woman had to lose her life at the event. Up until then, the Daily Stormer was allowed to publish whatever they wanted, no matter how racist and hatful it was. Now that a White woman was killed by a racist and some hurtful material posted about her on the Daily Stormer, it all of a sudden became wrong. GoDaddy finally told the Daily Stormer to find another domain provider. Why did it take the mocking of a dead White woman for GoDaddy and the other social media sites to take action and remove that website? Could it be that racism and hate is more acceptable when it comes to other races that are not White? Or has the racism become real enough for people to take action now? Everyone that fights against those Nazi groups, lives are at risk. This is what Black people have been saying for years. 

As I write this Twitter has now removed Daily Stormer as well. It may be impossible to weed out every racist website and social media user, but well known ones should have their service terminated. We should be thankful for Heather and the others the had courage to go up against those that are trying hard to separate us as a people. Justifying that type of behavior by claiming freedom of speech can no longer be tolerated. 

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