That One Black Priest At Donald Trumps Church Service Refused To Shake His Hand

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Saturday, President Donald Trump attended the Washington National Cathedral Church with his wife and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife. At some point during the service all of the priest walked down the aisle to shake Trumps hand. Well one of the priest, an African American, refused to shake Trumps hand. But not to be disrespectful about it, he simply walked by the President holding his cane.


  • Kani

    Ahhh and it’s begun. The entire video isn’t shown. No one in the purple shook Donald’s hand. The first one who led them out was WHITE. The one in black shown in the above video is actually the second priest in line. Stop looking to spread hate. It’s enough out here already!!

    • Just Being Me

      Thank You, someone makes sense! I thought I was the only one that noticed the first guy in the procession that is white and didn’t shake hands with Trump. The fact that they both switched their scepter over to their right sides as they made the right turn seems to suggest it’s part of the routine.