The Walking Dead 7th Season Premiered Last Night And The Internet Lost Its DAMN Mind. SPOILERS AHEAD.


The Walking Dead premiered it’s 7th Season last night after six months of waiting to see who would be killed by TWD’s newest bad guy, Negan. I wont tell you what happened but social media lit up last night with what happened.

Here are some fans reacting to who died in the episode..SPOILER ALERT.


Lmfao us yesterday!!! #thewalkingdead #butwhyglenn ?? #rip

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And then there are the people trying to avoid people on social media posting spoilers, so they take to social media to complain.


And then you had the people that begged “Sam and Dean” to come and get their father. The actor that plays Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, played Sam and Dean Winchester’s father, John on season 1 and 2 of the hit TV show, Supernatural before he was killed off.