Doing Time. Man Arrested for Being An Instagram Jerk.

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     UPDATE: Boonk was arrested again in L.A. , Hollywood California. Read more here about the warrants he has in Florida


John Robert Hill AKA Boonk to his Instagram followers was arrested on May 22, 2017 for being a nuisance to society. Hill is known on Instagram for making videos with him doing some extremely obnoxious stunts, mostly in business establishments. A few of them involved him sitting on toilet in Home Depot and molesting a window mannequin and smoking weed in a public library. The last stunt Hill posted on Instagram was just disgusting. He went into a church and distributed a service by yelling and cursing and threatening to fight one of the church goers (not cool). Anyway, he was arrested in Miami, Fa of for burglary, disorderly conduct, and theft. If you watch his videos those are some of the same types of crimes he commits in his videos, just for entertainment purposes. So it wouldn’t be a shocker if someone called the cops on him for acting a fool in their establishment. As of yet, no one has bailed him out of the Metro West Detention Center in Miami, FL.

  • Trillustrator

    Those who assume this guy represents all “Black People” would be upset if we allowed the inbred trailor trash ex-mechanic named Billy Bob to represent them as a whole… it’s silly.

  • Good Hair Gary

    You remember the show ” Jack ass”. Don’t remember those guys ever getting arrested.

    • Ado Hollmann

      I’m sure all those people that were involved agreed to being on the show/movie. Plus they would really hurt themselves and not others. Plus I’m sure some have been arrested.

  • Ado Hollmann

    Jackass- type of stupid shit white people do
    This video- type of stupid shit niggers do. Seriously wtf mess with others and fuck up their days. Go play traffic on i95 or rot in jail. Either way.

    • Alex Thomas

      I just knew I was gone see some racial terms being used . So shooting up a church is the type of stuff crackers and red necks do ? No it’s the type of stuff that idiots do . So now a jack ass can only be white ? I don’t blame you for for your opinion because you’re in titled to it . But one fools actions does not define a whole race

      • Ado Hollmann

        Sorry about the racial term. Btw Jackass is the movie where they do stupid stuff but they mainly hurt themselves and don’t mess with others in the same manner this idiot was doing. But yeah you’re right I guess we’re all fucked up. Humans are truly destroying our own world.

  • Brittany Dailey

    This guy is a dumbass! I seriously just wanna punch him in the face. Why does everyone have to bring race into it though? I mean people from all backgrounds do stupid shit. Its not one race or the other its the individual person and what one person does, does not define a whole community.

  • Deborah Jackson

    He’s an idiot and glad he got arrested

  • Tia

    Y’all white mf do shit like this too if not worst y’all do shit worst lets talk about the WHITE PEACE OF SHIT WHO RAN INTO A CHURCH SHOOTING OUR PPL) NOW THAT WAS JUST STUPID AN HE WILL BURN N HELL FOR THAT. Don’t bring racism into this because truth be told y’all kind are just uncalled for

    • Ericka Erica

      Girl Please! you know damn well that’s NOT THE SAME AS BEING A DISRESPECTFUL NUISANCE!!!! He ignorant af an not funny ! Neither one of their acts are justifiable

      • Allen Michael

        lls Right Ericka

        • Allen Michael

          Follow me on Instagram @Mr.Bentlyy Thanks!

    • Whitepower

      Lol usual nigger ranting on because your idiodic kind likes to commit crimes. Go hang ina tree

      • Benita Bah

        I know right cause white people like u raise pedophiles and rapist serial killers that kill they friends and family and mass murders that SHOOT up the schools and shit but hey u right πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

        • Yep white people doing them something at Walmarts in secret I say rape

      • Deborah Jackson

        Fuck you white trash pedophile

          OK now…. Lol

        • Whitemom

          No…. Fuck you, it’s because of people like you that these Niggers get away with the shit they do. You don’t teach them as they grow up.

          • Lashann Griffin

            U dumb stupid bitch it’s people like you who makes this world crazy , u talking about mainly our black community but u white crackers are no better so please don’t judge yes he is a jerk and dumb for his actions but he doesn’t represent all of us so watch ur racist as comments and won’t u go hang your self in a damn tree . Fucking trailer park trash

          • Misty Baker

            And I’m pretty sure white people have done way worse in a church. Like massacre innocent people! But continue on with your stupid ass post you ignorant bitch.

          • Chris Barajas

            I can’t even type how disgusted I am by “Whitemom’s” comments; but like ol boy said everyone is entitled to their opinions. Some very well abuse it as it is well demonstrated here!

          • Deborah Jackson

            You trailer trash cracker, eat ass

        Play me kkk

        • Chester Tipton

          Fuc you piece of shit….

      • Misty Baker

        You need to be hung in a tree you piece of trailer park trash. It’s ppl like you that give white folks a bad name.

      • Virgil Byrdman Washington

        Tia (Whatever your name is) You’re a Dumb Bitch, why don’t you go hang in the tree also cuz the words you speak makes you a Niggerette (Ignorant Heffa)

      • Fed Up

        It’s easy to say that while typing. But I be willing to bet. You wouldn’t make a statement around a black man like that. And if you did. I promise you, old or young. They would slap you like the BITCH YOU are!!!!

        • Chris Barajas

          Shit I’ll slap him just because he apparently doesn’t know manners!!

      Don’t worship they God

    • Whitemom

      You don’t want to bring race in to it but yet here you are… So if u want to bring it up then let’s bring it up.. Niggers act a fool no matter where they go. They don’t care who they interrupt or disrespect. I am not a racist person, I am just allergic to ignorance and I’m sorry to say, but it’s mainly a problem amongst the black community. And until they start getting their act together then that’s how they are going to be portrayed. Period!!! Niggers just need to go back and be unheard..

      • Cody

        Thats some fucked up shit like tf hwo you gonna say niggers need ot go back an dnever heard of again last time i checked black people did nothign wrong but white people saw them as different so they used them as slaves sold them and everything. what you are is a self riotous, ignorant piece of trailer park trash who needs to shut the fuck up talking about its mainly black people. Its not mainly black people its every race you just hear about it when its a black person cause they were portrayed differently back then and it still reflects on to them now.

        P.S. this is coming from a white person

        • Shawanna Mack


      • Michelle Cole-Hayes

        You a Racist.. period. Ignorance no know race. So please Ms Racist stop name calling. Oh, but you can’t help it huh. ..

      • Shawanna Mack

        Your not Racist but you said nigger’s. Right! Truth be told give us back everything you stole from us. #HowBoutDat!! @Whitemom

      • Alex Thomas

        Yes it’s sad that derogatory terms are being used . But people have the freedom of speech sadly idiots just abuse their right to it . You can not try to justify your actions by stating you are not a racist . Because only a bigot uses these terms . You are allergic to ignorance but is your most not as ignorant and these others . You should be speaking against it instead of condoning into it . No I’m not saying defend anyone because that’s not the case . In case you haven’t noticed miss anti ignorance this isn’t 1945 anymore . “Need to go back and be unheard of ” lol this is foreigners land . Neither homes of the black or white . Your whole entire post contradicts its self and as a mother I don’t understand how you could even condone and not speak against . Moral is he is the only one in the video so HE should be the only spoke about . The white man shooting the church was by himself so let him define himself .

      • Maria Solano

        And all the white people in the KKK hurting innocent people. Or all the white kids shooting up everything from schools to malls to movie theaters to a church. Not all black people act a fool and for you to use the word nigger makes you a white trash….. bet you didn’t like that did you?!

      • I’m not really interested

        One of the trump supporters who only say the n word online or at the dinner table… ur whole life is brainwashed u see a white man doing this there’s a slap on the wrist , a black man with tattoos…. a thug… but it’s not ur fault ur just stupid, and of course brainwashed because peace and and purity looks like ppl like u because American tv and politics says so u middle American slime .

      • Polo Blaxx

        What would’ve happen if we were left alone in Africa since you want to talk about go back. A majority of your race was like a plague back then buddy.

  • lauren welzenbach

    Well now hes got his way. Shitting with an even bigger n closer audience except not in home depot. Lets see how funny he thinks it is now when he has to watch other people shit too!!

    • John Anderson

      He may also have to provide a personal favor for some toilet paper.

  • Dee Riley

    Lol man this guy got a lot of folks and people in there feeling.. I don’t know wats the funnest. The silly mf in jail t hat you all are talking bout or these comments
    .. PSA he is out and uploaded another Video

  • Jonathan Thompson

    would have whooped his ass

  • Makeda Reid

    Disturbing. Hooligan. He needs home training from Jesus smh. So happy I didn’t grow up like this…but the guys from jack ass did similar and worse stunts, so I don’t get it. Stupid nevertheless.

  • Remy Markus


      This is his album send him money

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Yea he did Did it for laughs and for Publicity but ain’t none of y’all who laughed Bailing his ass out. #MajorFail

  • furnell holmes

    Double fuck jesus.
    That is all

  • furnell holmes

    Fuck πŸ–• jesus…
    That is all

  • Tony Allen

    It’s all laughs until God gets his..

  • Cocoa Riley

    Just here for the comments πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  • Man that’s this fucked up generation πŸ’―πŸ’―

  • Tony Sno

    Its just the way some young people try and land acting deals and they actually do video cameo’s ect can’t knock his hustle I ain’t gone judge him not my job dont like his work don’t watch all I can say but don’t judge him let the man upstairs do that I’m sure we all do something the next person don’t like

    • Anthony Ieradi

      He’s the reason black people still don’t get the proper respect they deserve. But hey keep laughing it up dumbass

      • Dontneedu LaShunda

        Stfu u say the dummiest shit

      • STONEZ45

        Whiteman do it lets make a movie and call it jackass blackman do it lets lock his ass up. boy i bet its good being white . I hope your girl cheat on your ass with a blackman .

        • Anthony Ieradi

          Baahha the guys in jackass got paid to do those stunts. And never destroyed someone’s property without consent and paying for it. Also they had filming permits to do so lol. And yeah it’s the shit being white, don’t you forget that boy. and please believe my girl has more respect for herself then to stoop that low lol.

          • Dave Porter

            The dreads say enough πŸ’€ Keep talking tuff on here tho my guy boothwyn 10mins away……

          • T

            You had me until sentence 3….your a racist who needs to change. This is why I cannot trust white people even after knowing a few really nice ones I end up glutton for punishment everyone I start to trust one. Maybe I need to meet white people in church and really following the Lord and want to do right. Nobody is perfect and I see prejudice black people and racist white people on here. The reason black people are making prejudiced comments…cracker is because of this boys behavior they are calling us all niggers and seem to think we feel inferior to them. I wish we wouldn’t fall in this trap and just stick to the facts.

            Racism may have given you an unfair advantage but I believe in God, the one taught in the bible and that He will redeem us as promised and any racist will have to give account just like any other unrepentant sinner. And life is short even if you live long. In case hell is real I’m not going over hating someone.

            Also, with the way the world is turning we will all need eachother soon, or have bigger problems to worry about. All this nigger this nigger that just confirms why I never really trust white people.

        • D

          I think some stuff funny the do like the homddepot thing. But him going into a church and disrespect there service is fucked up and then tries to fight the only white guy there Lmao he didn’t try to fight the black dude walking him out. There’s a difference between doing funny pranks and being a disrespectful bit h. Jackass didn’t go around and do shit like that maybe the homedepot thing or similar to it but not go into a church and do that stuoid shit and dudes a dumb ass going into stores and stealing and posting it on live feed for everyone to see gettn free haircuts and tattoos and posting it on live lol that’s the dumb shit he gonna go to jail for that’s his fault it has nothing to do with him being black most black ppl always have an excuse on why they get the shit done to them that they do. Always saying if he was white he wouldn’t of went to jail. Lol ppl like that are dumb

        • Ado Hollmann

          The guys in the movie Jackass don’t pick fights or try to hurt anyone besides themselves. Yes we all do stupid stuff and it’s funny a lot of times but disrespect and just being a straight up asshole is where this pendejo went wrong.

      • Liz

        Why does it have to be all that my goodness.The situation is just as sad as your comments,because your way of thinking is also a reason black people still don’t receive the proper respect. Lets not label every black person because of another’s actions. Just as no one should label all white people for anothers actions. There are plenty of white people pulling pranks as well other than jackass so that is not a good point. Your comments are just so sad. That boy stuff. But I would assume you were very proud when you posted it.

      • Kim Jackson

        Bull crap . No matter what we do ,even if we white washed ourselves they will feel the same way.

  • Mark D Taylor

    This Little Nigga Is A Straight Up #Asshole/#Jerk/#Punk!! Made Blacks LπŸ‘€K Bad Going Up In A Church Disrespecting The (Lord) House Like That Shows He Aint πŸ’©!! And Aint Never Gonna Be πŸ’©!! That’s Why He Makes Videos Like He Do!! To Get Attention!! Well Little Bitch Ass Nigga You Got It Now!! Plus If That Was My Pastors Church You Ran In Disrespecting!! You Would’ve Gotten Your Lil Skinny Bitch Ass Whipped Lil Stupid #HoeAssBitchAssNigga! #LouisvilleKy502Style!!

    • Stretch Yachty London

      Shut yo bitch ass up nigga leave da homie boonk alone get off my son dick he doin it for laughs not everything needs to be taken so serious

      • Kenyada Lester

        He did like everybody else did so why they not in jail smh

      • Cocoa Riley


      • Dre

        You are a special type of dumbass if you think that’s ok. Shit ain’t funny

        • Lovely Neish


          • Remy Markus

            They about to whoop the WHITE MAN ON THESE comments lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

        • Williams Brina

          Well now he laughed his straight to jail the shit he did was not funny only fools laugh at their own non sense

      • Anthony Ieradi

        Your attitude towards this is a big part of the problem that black people face these days. I bet if your daddy was around.he would scold you for sticking up for this dumb ass ignorant fool.

    • Say Dat brody…and my nigga Say dat again…πŸ‘….this generation is demented as fuck…and i say it raw like you do…but weak ass so called holy people dont wanna have no heart…God raising up a righteous army and were not gonna give a dam what people think when we are the true righteous warriors…

      • Derek Butler

        God ain’t raising up anything

    • Derek Butler

      Ye ole brainwashed Christian

    • T

      Your making yourself look bad referring to him as nigger this and nigger that in front of all these racist white. Nigger, Nigga, Lil nig it’s the same especially when used in front of this type of audience. Your speech is self degrading. Smh

      Who are you trying to impress?

      This guy’s actions don’t speak for me so what do you mean he made us ALL look bad. Actually, I’m still fine and I don’t know this guy in the video

  • Mrz.Harris

    What about the dudes from “jackass” were they arrested?

    • RNS

      exactlyyyyyyy haaa this world iss biaas

      • Kurt Ferrer

        Jackass pranks way better than this shit you dumb fuck.

        • Stretch Yachty London

          Nooo it wasn’t mad of the jackass stunts were hella gay and retarded he doin everything joking not really harming anybody at least he not shoving fire crackers or rocket powered metal dildos up his ass thinking its funny like

          • Anthony Ieradi

            Keep thinking like that, see how much respect you get you dumb fuck.

        • RNS

          By shocking you balls or getting shot with a paintball gun letting a scorpion bite your ass wtf that’s shit gay as fuck of course you can relate to jackass you faggot fuck out of here…..your white ass was probably touched by your dad you bitch

    • Cudi11711

      I dont think the ppl from jackass would steal tho or run off with someones phone and throw it breaking it ?????

    • The clapping king

      Difference between that statement, jackass crew were payed for their pranks including the people were involved in their movie and that guy was seeking nothing more but attention from social media was he gaining money by stealing & disturbing peace at a church?

      • Ericka Young

        Everything was stupid that he did but when he went to church that was so disrespectful to the Lord and the people a worship I mean come on now everybody know you don’t cross that line

        • Claude Coletrain

          The Lord shoulda struck him down. He wasn’t mad… trust me

          • Derek Butler

            The lawd should fix Flint instead of striking anythin you still believe in Santa too ?

        • Derek Butler

          The lawd? Please wake-up Cesare boriga don’t love you

    • James Polk


      • Liz

        Exactly race doesn’t need to be brought in every situation my goodness. Lets not speak on what he did was wrong and turn around and make cruel statements that aren’t any better.

    • Clyde Allen

      Yea they did look it up…plus that shit dum as fuck

    • Kenyada Lester


      • Burnell Thompson

        Why would they be arrested? They paid the businesses and the people involved after and not only that their stunts where more centered around getting hurt he is the said of black people America judges us by but you cool with that right violent and disrespectful behavior I don’t believe in the church but you don’t see me doing stuff like that

    • Dre

      They weren’t going around disrespecting others. It was within themselves. Doing stupid stuff. But this dude is messing with others instead. Not cool bro

    • D

      Ya u guys justifying it thinking its cool going intk a church doing that stupid shit and to me it looked like a mostly black church so what u all mean saying Christians brainwashed this and tsht. U mfrs r dumb.

  • John Phillip Buzis

    so stupid… to be honest these young cats dont even prank well .. back in the day pranks we did were fucked up but not so disrespectful this is just stupid and this is what happens when your parents dont beat your ass

    • Say dat…a whole another level of twisted young dum nigga shit…they dont prank well at all there all on some deep demonic demented dark disrespect…to go in a church in middle of service and disrupt it and young dum niggaz approve and talk shit when addressing the real righteous deal to them…i say the end is near now….

      • Derek Butler

        Been near 2000. Years please with the brainwashing

        • Yeah he aint raising you up and out…of babylon….so happy im off that plantation and live on the otherside of globe away from hatful ass whites and mental slave loving walking dead niggaz God is real…i left america and ya dont see God in america….but you definetly see him when you leave…America and black folks are cursed right along with the children of their slave masters….enough with the brainwashing…

  • This modern day chold of degenerate dum stupid young punk…he is going to do well being someones bitch in prison…

    • anony

      Oh wow what a good example you are setting for you GOSPEL rap nation!

      • Stop judging me
        …jesus cursed the fig tree…do you think he was trying to set an example then?…no he responding to human degenerate bastards in his time…truth is truth…and were living in a time where truth needs to be said raw and uncut…stop trying to play holy this is the game people play when truth is spoken to pure bullshit…and in this day and time truth is my best friend…stop deviating judging me on my walk from the dum ass at hand here…this nigga should of been tackled to the grown and have his ass beat for disrupting the House of God….but people like you are weak ass christians that want to go around judging….God is raising up an army he dont have time for weak judgmental people in this day and time…its the real reason why society is in the condition were in….if jesus said follow me in to the battle zone you would not follow…but you would sit on the sidelines like most so called christians do and slang out judgments….im of the righteous and i have the heart of king David…he didnt give a dam what people thought when he needed to respond in truth…he didnt play all holy…you know nothing about me nor the work of God Im doin….so i suggest you go pray for some courage to fight because in america your soon gonna need it for whats to come!!! Real Men of God faces the devils bullshit just like the real men that fought in the old testament….

        • Derek Butler

          Jesus ain’t curse anything, how could he ? He’s a fairy tale

          • anony

            Thank you! He talking bout ” if Jesus needed me to enter the battlefield, I would not”. Bro you delusional!

        • anony

          For one you are more lost than you know if you’re down with christians and Jesus smh I can’t prove none of that stuff so I don’t believe it. 2. YOU don’t know MY journey And no matter what you say, that’s was an ugly statement that has no good in it. God wouldn’t say “he will do well in prison as someone’s bitch” No! He would say “he is lost now but he still has hope.” Just like every other human! Yes he may be down but he is not out! Ppl like you are casting judgement. Check yourself cause you contradicting yourself. This man is not a killer of many people so for u to wish that upon him shows YOUR true character….. if you really think church is the true house of God then smh you are lost bruh… but no matter what I HOPE GOOD FOR U & BOONK!!! #NoMalice

    • Stretch Yachty London

      Stfu u old ass gay nigga u look like u was sumbody bitch in prison nigga boonk doin everything 4 fun like where’s your sense of humor like

      • You little dum ass keyboard warrior…ya useless just take yourself out now…for theres no future in little dum twisted dark minded fucks like you but hellfire…

        • anony

          What Boonk doin ain’t right but u casting him to hell ain’t right either πŸ’―. U ain’t God. U r supposed to lift this young man up not knock him down smh this is why the youth don’t respect elders πŸ’―

      • David Anderson

        Why you so worried about what people saying about him are you his lover or just sucking his dick

        • D

          That’s exactly what I said that generation r low-key fags . He care whst ppl say about his lover these young ass niggas gay straight out.

      • Burnell Thompson

        Ok how was this funny? Let someone run up and break your shit and not replace it or pay you back how you going feel? A prank is something you do that people can laugh at the won’t get you thrown in jail look up real pranks not this dumb bitch ass nigga making black people look bad and you wonder why cops shoot people like him and you I hope they let me join the kkk cause as a black male myself I would hang you dumb ass people who think that what he do is cool

        • anony

          Ppl like Boonk aren’t the reason why black men are getting shot.. let’s not get carried away here

      • D

        U prolly some young dumb ass nigga. saying he doing it for fu . U young ass punks r the reason ur generation gets no love cuz y’all dumb as Fuck gonna do shit on live for evetone to see so u can get likes and then ask y u went to jail u mfrs r low-key fags specially how u on some dudes Dick u Prolly don’t even kno and gonna go nowhere n life. Just as long as u get popular on fb and the gram for doing stupid shit that’s gonna land u dead or n prison. u mfrs r a joke. Peace lil dumb nigga

  • This little degenerate bastard would make a perfect bitch as my cell mate…

  • Christopher PM Cooper


  • PoppaDoc74

    The church scene need to be disrupted cause they doing it wrong in the 1st place. God never commissioned Sunday as the 7th day sabbath. It’s not even the 7th day on the calendar. Roman Emporer Constantine and the Vatican are the ones who changed the sabbath to Sunday.

    • Demarcus Bassett

      You being to deep dude the bible says to honor the lord on the first day of the week plus its the day Jesus rose from the dead

      • Natalie Harris

        Jesus rose after sabbath. Because he honored sabbath. But they won’t teach u that. And add all the days for passover. It’s longer than a weekend.

        • Cindi Rella Carvin

          Passover last 7 days…not a weekend…and it says in the bible 6 days we labor but the 7th day we rest…yall dont know yall bible….the sixth day is fri you start wen the sun goes down until saturday night….thats the sabbath day…

          • Natalie Harris

            Whichever many days. Ain nobody doing shit right. None of the teachings are right. Lost.

          • Skid Airborn


          • Skid Airborn


          • Derek Butler

            Wake up its fake

        • Derek Butler

          He never existed

          • Natalie Harris


      • Anthony Darden

        If you still believe in Jesus then you a fool too

        • Brianna Simmons

          lol happy to see this comment !!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

        • They mistake jesus for ceasear borgias…jesus or jezues never existed…yahshua the real messiah existed….just google ceasear borgias and watch what you see…

          • Derek Butler

            Yahshua fake also

        • Derek Butler

          Indeed and so many on this thread thumpingbs

      • Derek Butler

        Bible is plagiarism

    • DeRia Rogers

      Whatever day a person chooses to worship God is their business and religious belief but to go into the church for 3 likes is sad and shows how ignorant this kid is.

    • Natalie Harris

      If u go real deep Sundays the seventh day. But if u base it on now then yeah I guess. Either way nobody keeps sabbath properly no way. Bless.

    • Feenics Ryzin

      It doesn’t matter what day it is. He disturbed a place and time of worship. Disgusting and disrespectful.

      • Derek Butler

        A place of walking dead

        • Feenics Ryzin

          No argument from me bc that’s your opinion, which you’re completely entitled to.

      • anony

        Worshipping who and what though?

        • Feenics Ryzin

          Who cares? The point is that the guy’s an idiot for doing what he’s doing. I’ll just leave it at that. Not about to get into a discussion about religion.

          • anony

            I think it’s entertainment but whatever

          • anony

            Well that is what he is going for and it is working obviously

    • David Anderson

      It’s on Sunday because that’s the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave

  • Cisco

    Fucking punk ass gang members killing each other but scared like a bunch of bitches to leave their hoods and fight the Klu Klux Klan

  • Cisco

    Gang gang my ass sound like a ignorant piece of trash

  • Tech

    Boonk gang know im sayn ‼️

    • Mark Morales-Smith

      No sir, I have no idea what you’re saying.

    • Anthony Ieradi

      No one knows what your saying you dumb ignorant fuck.