Doing Time. Man Arrested for Being An Instagram Jerk.

Special Reports

     UPDATE: Boonk was arrested again in L.A. , Hollywood California. Read more here about the warrants he has in Florida


John Robert Hill AKA Boonk to his Instagram followers was arrested on May 22, 2017 for being a nuisance to society. Hill is known on Instagram for making videos with him doing some extremely obnoxious stunts, mostly in business establishments. A few of them involved him sitting on toilet in Home Depot and molesting a window mannequin and smoking weed in a public library. The last stunt Hill posted on Instagram was just disgusting. He went into a church and distributed a service by yelling and cursing and threatening to fight one of the church goers (not cool). Anyway, he was arrested in Miami, Fa of for burglary, disorderly conduct, and theft. If you watch his videos those are some of the same types of crimes he commits in his videos, just for entertainment purposes. So it wouldn’t be a shocker if someone called the cops on him for acting a fool in their establishment. As of yet, no one has bailed him out of the Metro West Detention Center in Miami, FL.