Utah Police Use Craigslist Missed Connections To Catch A Shoplifter. “I saw you at Tar-Shay (Target) in Orem”…”Give me a call. My number is 911”

Orem, Utah police used unique method of catching a Target shoplifter. They place an ad on Craigslist personal, missed connection letting the shoplifter know they are searching for her. View the Craigslist ad here.

“It was a cloudy day on the 26th of March. I saw you at Tar-Shay (Target) in Orem. You didn’t see me but I was watching you from above. Your hair was long, brown and draped to the side. The blue cardigan you were wearing looked so soft. You selected some clothes, diapers and a curling iron (Which you don’t need because I liked your hair just the way it was). I was waiting with anticipation at the check out line, hoping to get to know you better. That time never came, you didn’t show up, but I did see you leave the store without any bags to carry your stuff. As you left, the sun had just broke through the clouds as a sign that we should’ve met, my car was parked at the red curb out front. But alas, it wasn’t so ;(…………. You left in a hurry in your 4-door, burgundy colored car.

I hope you read this and will take a shot and give me a call. My number is 911

Signed-LT Orem PD”