Why Donald Trump couldn’t possibly have seen thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11.


From way up there in the Trump Towers, how could he tell who is a Muslim.

I can barely tell who is a man or woman in the picture below this one.



trump tower2

This is what thousands and thousands of people look like gathered in one place



thousands of people


And so is thisthousands of people 2


And so is thisthousands


And so is this.vmfkf

I’m pretty sure that if thousands of people were gathered in a park cheering on the attack on 9/11, the F.B.I. , C.I.A., any any available law enforcement would have been there. Not to mention all of the American citizens would have been there to put a stop to it. Even Mr. Trump would have probably went down there to kick their ass.


Every station in America was covering the the attack. There were no other programs on netork televison and no other news coverage, no sports, no weather, noting but coverage of the attack. So what lame news staion does he want us to belive sent a news crew out to cover a bunch of people in a park and not mention that they were possible terroist.


Donal Trump stop lying.

C. Stewart