Game Of Thrones. Go Behind The Scenes On How The “Battle Of The Bastards” Fight Scene Was Created.


Last night’s Game Of Thrones Season 6 episode 9 did not disappoint. The Battle Of The Bastards will no doubt go down as one of the greatest television battle/ fight scenes of all time. Jon Snow and his puny army went up against the evil Ramsay’s army of 6000. While Jon and his was no match for Ramsay, they put up a good fright. However just things looked grim for Snow as his army went was surrounded in what have been their last stand, sister Sansa came to the rescue with the help of Littlefinger’s army. game 2In what turned into an epic blood bath with mountains of dead bodies, Ramsay was defeated. Take a look at how the cast and crew pulled off this amazing scene.





images from YouTube