Friday, December 8, 2023
Special Reports

Jilted Bro’s Craigslist Ad Looking For A New Roommate Is On Some Next Level Sh**…No Lames Allowed.

One of the Bro Codes states, ‘Bros before hoes’ which means never let a girl get in between the relationship of two or more male friends. Well over in Washington D.C., one of those bros must have broken the code. A Craigslist ad was placed looking for a new roommate after the other one moved out to go live with his girlfriend. The ad is so epic in every way. All this guy wants is someone to help pay the rent, no matter who you are. But it does look like the only requirement is that you be just as cool as he is, which could include drinking beer at any time of the day and not complain about it because “that noise will neither happen, nor fly under this roof.” 

The ad provides some great amenities such as plenty of windows and a private bath in the available bedroom “this place has windows on windows. In fact, the only part of the apartment that’s not made of windows is your sweet-ass private motherfucking bathroom”.  There’s a gym in case you need to get “SWOLE AF”. How about a roof top grilling area , ” we’ve got a 24 hour 365 day roof deck with grills and a big-ass TV.”  So if “You’re a person who doesn’t suck.” and need to relocate to Washington, D.C, please give this guy a call.  View the ad here.