One Man Stole A Bank Van And The $1.8 Million Dollars In It Because The Couriers Left The Keys Inside. FBI Want People From His Hood To Snitch.

Job Openings. FBI and DeKalb County police in Georgia are looking for a lone suspect that stole a ATM couriers van and the $1.8 million dollars in it. The couriers went inside a Citizens Trust Bank to refill the ATM machine. They left the van running and locked the keys inside. After about 10 minuets, the couriers came outside and found glass on the ground and the van was gone.  Surveillance video shows one suspect stealing the van, which was found in a nearby neighborhood. FBI and police believe the suspect lives in or nearby the same neighborhood the van was found in. They want anyone that may have seen someone with a large amount of money to come forward. Who’s coming forward to snitch on their neighbor with bags of cash?

Source/Image from WSB TV 2 Atlanta