Monday, October 2, 2023

Republicans Better Let Obama Elect The Next Supreme Court Justice Before President Trump Does On A Celebrity Judge Show.

The Republicans are trying hard to fight President Obama’s plan to elect a new SCOTUS, but what if Donald Trump actually becomes the next POTUS. How will he elect a new Judge to the United States Supreme Court? I think he would hold contest in form of his top rated TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, in this case, Celebrity Judge. So what TV celebrity judges do you think would survive Donald Trumps “you’re fired” and which one will be hired as the new SCOTUS?

5. Judge Mablean Ephraim
Judge Mablean was the first female African American judge on TV. She presided in the courtroom, Divorce Court from 1999-2006 and in 2014 she returned to TV with Justice With Judge Mablean. Why did I pick her? She has a slick way of telling people off. Without yelling Judge Mablean can make you fill smaller that a peanut…and that’s when you win your case. I think she will be fired because she is completely too nice compared to Trumps standards.

4. Judge Marilyn Milian
Judge Milian is the current judge on the long running Peoples Court. Let’s just say thers no way Trump would hire Judge Milian. She is just too hot tempered and yells a lot and will over talk you while you’re speaking. I once seen her rule in favor of a defendant without letting the plaintiff tell her what happened. She would get fired while loud talking and yelling at Donald while he is loud talking and yelling.

3. Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Mathis first aired in 1999 and continues to remain popular among TV judge shows. If Celebrity Judge was a real show, he would be a top contender. Mathis survived the mean streets of Detroit and a short jail time to become a lawyer and then a judge, a real self-made success story. Judge Mathis likes to tell it like is, which is why he would get fired from Celebrity Judge. At some point Judge Mathis will call President Trump a bigot, a racist, a liar and a bully.

2. Judge Judy Sheindlin
Judge Judy Sheindlin has been on the air now for 20 years. She is known for tough attitude and stone Cold looks and quick to tell a plaintiff or defendant be quite and shut up. As tough as she is Judy wouldn’t be the next SCOTUS. She would not get fired by Trump because she would quit as soon as she finds out how much of a pay cut she will have…Judy makes a shit load of money for doing her courtroom TV show.

1. Judge Joe Brown.
Judge Joe brown. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. He is just too bad ass believe it or not, the exact type of person Donald trump would hire. Judge Joe was cancelled when he refused to sign a $20 million dollar contract because it was not enough. He took a gamble and loss, but won because he stood his ground, just like Donald Trump. Since then he been caught on camera drunk with really young woman, got arrested and blasted that “bullshit show” as he put it.

C. Stewart