Sorry, Black Panther Was Not The First Black Super Hero Movie…Lets Not Forget About Blankman

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This weekend Black Panther was crushing records at the box office generating over $190 million dollars. Some people debate weather or not Black Panther is really the first black super hero movie. Blade, staring Wesley Snipes premiered in theaters back in 1998. Even before Blade there was Spawn starring Michael Jai White came out in 1992. But we really have to acknowledge Damon Wayans who portrayed on of the most ridiculous super heroes, Blankman.

Blankman hit theaters back in 1994 and was more of a crime fighter rather than a super hero. Daryl (Damon Wayans) is an inventor whose grandmother was killed afterward, Daryl decided to fight crime. Working with a poor man’s budget, Daryl creates a costume using a sheet, rubber gloves, a pajama outfit and a big ass sock with eyes cut out, for a mask. His utility belt has items made with a plunger, an empty can of Spam and communicator made out of a Sucrets tin. David Allen Grier also stars as the Other Guy.