STOP! Americans Will Pay TWICE As Much To Build That Wall. I Did The Math And There Is No Way Around It.

Money Politics

President Donald Trump is going through with his plans to build a giant wall along the Mexico/USA boarders and his plan was to invoice a bill to Mexico. Earlier this week, the president of Mexico said there is no way his country is paying for that wall. Donald Trump then said he will impose a 20% import tax on all Mexico products shipped to the USA.

Donald Trump already said that the initial cost will come from American tax payer’s money. With the 20% import tax charged to Mexico, American can expect to pay an extra 20% on all products that come from Mexico. BUT WAIT!! American will actually be paying for that wall and 20% on Mexico products. Here’s why.

The smallest estimate to build that wall is $10 billion dollars. And let’s say it takes 5 years for tax payers to pay off the cost. Now, at the same time Donald Trump will make Mexico pay 20% in taxes for 5 years to pay off the cost of the wall. During those 5 years, we will still be paying 20% taxes on products from Mexico. So, in actuality not only are we paying for the wall, but we are also paying Mexico 20% to give to Trump and the U.S Government to pay for that wall.

There’s more. Not only are we paying twice as much, but the U.S. Government gets to keep the 20% that comes from Mexico. Now, the only way we can get some of that money back is if the government send out a check or give us some kind of Build That Wall Tax Credit for 5 years, which we know is not going to happen. Even if that is the case, we will only be reimburse for the building of the wall and not the 20% tax Mexico will charge us.



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