White Privilege? Man Shares His Story When A White Woman Placed Her Feet On His Airplane Eating Table

A writer,Fredrick Joseph, used Twitter to detailed his experience with a White woman who placed her feet on his eating table while flying United Airlines and how she was offered $1000 to accommodate her after he asked her to move. 

“The audacity of white privilege:

This woman next to me took her shoes off and placed both feet on the table. So I’m waiting for flight staff to say something… So flight staff walks by numerous times without saying anything, and I’m irate, because no black person would ever get away with this shit. So I start looking at the staff noting that there is an issue. You know, giving them the snitch eye… So finally I decide to say something to the woman myself. So I say “ma’am, I’m trying to eat, and your feet are next to my food.”

She says “what do you want me to do, the seats are small” So I’m like “I understand, which is why there is room for your feet and legs under the seat in front of you”
So she says “this is why I fly first class, and I don’t come back here with everyone else.”
So I’m like “that’s great, so are you going to put your feet down?” So she calls over a flight attendant as soon as I say that!

She says to the flight attendant “this man is disrupting my flight, I’m just trying to be comfortable”
So I point at her feet and explain my stance. The flight attendant says… “well what if she puts her feet closer to the window or puts one down” The woman says “if I put one foot down, I want to be accommodated for accommodating him” So the flight attendant speaks to the person in-charge on the plane and they give promise this woman a fucking $1000 voucher … ONE.THOUSAND. DOLLAR. So I ask “what voucher will I be receiving for my suffering” The flight attendant says “sir, we can only make but so many accommodations, and she has agreed to move her feet for you.” Now I’m on the phone trying to explain how problematic this all was to a white woman in customer service who doesn’t get my issue.”

Joseph then gave an update on the situation after he spoke to a United Airlines representative.

“UPDATE: so @united called me this morning to tell me that the passenger didn’t receive any compensation. So I told the United representative “I’m happy to hear that, but I still have an issue with the flight attendant pacifying her and essentially taking her side.” The rep says “well, our staff can’t tell someone what to do. But, again, I assure you, she didn’t receive money.”
So I say “that’s great, again. But by attempting to momentarily pacify her, the flight attendant created a negative situation for me and took her side.” I continue “also, I find it hard to believe that if this was a person of color someone wouldn’t have asked her to put her feet down.”
She says “sir, I personally don’t believe it has anything to do with race or culture. As you can hear from my last name, I am a Hispanic person” She then did the whole “United accepts everyone” etc spiel.
So I told her that’s fine and she thanked me for my time and offered to give my feedback to the flight staff Basically, United had a woman w/ a Spanish sounding surname tell me there should be no issue because the woman ended up not getting money.
Oh, and racial bias didn’t matter here, because again a woman with Spanish sounding name at United says it didn’t.

Tone deaf.”


Image from Fredrick Joseph Twitter.