Cocaine News: $60 Million Washed Up On Shore / Man Finds Cocaine In Nesquik

360 kg of cocaine washed up on the shores of two beaches in Norfolk, England. Authorities say duffle bags full of cocaine mysteriously appeared on the beaches worth an estimated $50,000,000. Police were notified after a beach goer discovered the cocaine. If your thinking about going to sit and wait for more bags to come ashore, be warned that police will be there monitoring the situation as well. Read more here. Source- Reuters


A man found 250 grams of cocaine in a container of Nesquik. The man said when he got home he discovered that the foil on the container was partially open and that prompted him to take a closer look at the chocolate powder. The incident happened in Spain and the man wants to stay anonymous, probably because someone will not be pleased that he discovered their scheme. Read more here. Source-i News