Saturday, December 2, 2023

If Donald Trump Builds That Wall, How In The Hell Are We Supposed To Get Our Tequila.

By now I’m sure you have heard that the Republican nominee for the President of the United States, Donald Trump said he intends on building a wall along the borders of Mexico to stop illegal crossing into the United States. Most of us sane people thinks the idea is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that Trumps said he will bill Mexico for building the wall. Anyway, hypothetically let’s say Trump does build that wall. Do he really think Mexico will just be OK with that? Of course not. Here is the problem, the only place we can get tequila is from Mexico.

Watch here how Tequila is made.

tefunjlMexico is the only place on earth that can grow and correctly harvest the Agave tequilana plant, the key ingredient to making tequila. It’s a Mexican law that tequila can only be made in certain cities in Mexico. Back to the wall. Do Trump and his many faithful “Trumpers” (followers) really think Mexico will supply us with tequila without repercussions? That scenario can only do two ways. The first is that Mexico will cut off all importing of all tequila spirits and possibly other products that we can only get from Mexico. 506b05fa74c5b64b1d0011ce._w.1500_s.fit_The second scenario, a 500% (more or less) increase on all tequila products. Can you imagine paying $240 dollars for a bottle of tequila that cost only $40 bucks? Not to mention the outrageous prices we would have to pay at the bar. Without tequila we would be missing out on some of our favorite cocktails like the mojito, tequila sunrise, hell even a shot of tequila with lemon and salt. 635732554335051543-tequilaHappy Hour will never be the same. My advice if trump becomes president, you better start stockpiling your favorite brand of tequila. Some of you will have to do without your emergency disaster supplies and make room for Jose and the gang.



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