Donald Trump, The World’s Greatest Flim Flam Man.

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The Flim Flam man was a 1967 movie starring George C Scott as a con artist. Well, Donald Trump can now be crowned the greatest Flim Flam Man of all time. Why? Because unlike a con man trying to swindle just a hand full of people out of something valuable or something else of significance, Mr. Trump is on his way to swindling millions of people by becoming the next president of the United States of America. And people are really falling for it.

America has struggled to fight against all the things that he stands for. Get rid of all the American Muslims, build a wall to keep out Mexicans, and whole bunch of other “jibber jabber” that makes no sense at all. He is blatant and up front with his racism, which makes the rest of us believe all of his followers are racist. “Telling it like it is” that’s what people say about why they like him so much. Anybody can tell it like it is. However, his manner of doing so involves a bunch of nasty insults to almost everyone. Hey, remember that time he made fun of the disabled New York Times reporter, Serge Koveleski.

Read. All of the things we tell our kids not to be, is exactly who Donald Trump is.

Even after the incident was caught on camera for the entire world to see, his used his “flimflamness” (yes that’s the word I’m using to describe him when he starts speaking in con man), to convinced his followers that he was not making fun of a disabled person. He has convinced all of his “Trumpers” that he has seen Muslims celebrating in a New Jersey park after the 911 attacks in New York City.

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Recently Trump has come under fire for his comments about the judge preceding over the former Donald Trump University. That his being of Mexican descent should disqualify him from the case, even though he was born in America. Oh, by the way trump used his “flimflamness” to convince people to spend thousands of dollars for classes that got them nowhere but in debt. Wait, there’s more. youtube donaldThe Washington Post exposed him for not donating or disclosing the $5.6 million dollars he claimed to raise for veterans. He then held a press conference to use his “flimflamness” to convince people that he did indeed donate that money.  By the way he wrote some of the checks after the Washington Post article came out.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how many time he has been called out got away with it with his flimflamness. It scare me to think that a man with this much influence over people will find his way use his flimflamness into the White House. America is this what we have become? A country that no longer builds on truth, but on the nonsense that people tell us. I still don’t know about any of his policies he has planned for the United States if he is elected as the next POTUS. He keeps talking about policies, but never goes into detail. America, don’t fall for it. We don’t need a Flim Flam Man for president, we need a leader.


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