Drunk Woman Dancing On A Mexican Police Car Causes An Outrage…She Even Has A Beer In Her Hand



“This footage of a sensual blonde woman twerking on the bonnet of a police patrol car in Mexico has gone viral and caused controversy among netizens.

This stunning blonde woman’s special show was recorded during the Easter festival in the touristic city of San Carlos, in the western Mexican state of Sonora. The video, that went viral, shows the moment the woman wearing black shorts and a black bra is seen dancing sensually in front of the car that was on a routine patrol in the area.

 The woman, who was called “LadyMilitar” by netizens (Lady Army Officer), is seen holding a beer can in one hand and she then climbs onto the bonnet of the patrol car while being encouraged by witnesses. She is even seen twerking and dancing sensually on top of the cop car.

 Finally, the woman jumps to the ground and waves at the officers who appear to have been inside the patrol car watching the improvised show the whole time.

 The video has caused controversy among netizens, as some of them criticised the behaviour of the police officers who did nothing to stop the woman. According to Mexican law, drinking alcohol in public is banned, but in this case it was allowed and they even allowed her to climb onto the bonnet of their car.

 Netizen ‘Sstefania OLimon’ defended the officers saying: “They were men, soldiers and only if she would have been a female soldier could they have been forced to jump away from there.”

 ‘Pablo Acosta Villareal’ also defended them: “They acted with respect because she is a lady and she is not armed. But if she would have been forced to get down, the officers would have been more criticised on social networks.”

 However, other netizens mocked the behaviour of the officers in the patrol car, such as ‘Ana Rita Padilla Buelna’ who said: “Minutes of fun for the military police and they got surprised and did not have words to answer her.”

 But the most criticised was the woman, who was insulted on social networks for her lack of respect for the authorities, such as ‘Sheyla Hdez’ who said: “What lack of education, lack of respect for authorities” and ‘Yessica Valerio’ said: “Ridiculous old woman, drugged and drunk.””-VIRALTAB.

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