Even More Delta Airlines News. Disabled Army Vet Had His Mobile Scooter Broken And Was Turned Away Because Of His Oxygen Tank.


“Delta Airlines not only turned us away day of flight to return the next day yet sent our luggage ahead to destination. They said the paperwork for my husbands Airtank (oxygen) which was provided by the VA wasn’t correct. Then the next day extended our 1 and half hour layover to 14 hours in lue of us going home yet again….this time their reason was not enough batteries for the Airtank. Oh but this time the same paperwork presented the day before was approved. With all the chaos causing my husband to lay in the hospital on Army base in Fairbanks Alaska on his death bed because we didn’t have his insulin. That was only PART of the trip from our home Las Vegas to Fairbanks Alaska. The scooter was damaged and report was made….then a month later we fly back to Las Vegas…Got bumped in Seattle and video shows how they treated his scooter. We arrived Las Vegas and it was completely broken… 3 hours at airport to finally get a loaner which was half the size of his own…His left leg didn’t even fit on it so it scuffed the ground causing severe stiffness and necessary shots…3 so far.. And braces too.. It took 3 months for the return of his “repaired” scooter which still doesn’t work like it used to. We contacted a few lawyers here but was told they can’t fight with airlines… But since the recent United incident we decided to join the fight against the Airlines unfair treatment !!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS… Also please note this is only one of a few videos I have of  this whole mess…” YouTube/Patrysha Freniere