‘Gardening While Black’ Case Thrown Out Of Court For Being “Blatant Racism”.

“Gardening While Black” Case Thrown Out Of Court For Being “Blatant Racism.”

During 2017 and 2018, a black man, Marc Peeples was constantly getting the police called on him by 3 white women that didn’t want him starting a community garden for children in Detroit.

Peeples was trying to start a community garden in a vacant playground area in 2017. A white woman who lived across the street and two other white women from the same neighborhood began to complain to the police that Peeples was involved in criminal behavior. The three women event went as far to say that Peeples was a pedophile when they saw him gardening with children.
During one of the incidents when the police had been called on Peeples, an officer can be heard on body cam saying “Aint no law against raking leaves”

The three white women filed false stalking charges against Peeples, after they failed to have him arrested. The judge presiding over the case said that the case against Mr.Peeples was “blatant racism” and dismissed the case. You can read the full article at the source, Detroit Metro Times.

Peeples also has a Go Fund Me page (excerpt below) to help recover some of his lost and also move forward with his community garden. 

“Deborah Nash, Jennifer Morris and Martha Callahan told officers a local urban gardener was a pedophile, was threatening them and even pulled a gun out on them (police footage shows that when the THREE squad cars arrived he was raking leaves)! In court they CRIED and LIED their asses off. These white women with self inflated egos thought they could send this man to jail for NO REASON to get their way. After fumbling multiple lies on the stand, discrediting one another and explaining how RBG colors are offensive and gang related, they tucked their tails and ran. Not even watching for the verdict of NOT GUILTY after dealing with their harassment for OVER A YEAR. They wasted EVERYONES time, money and resources to falsely discredit this mans name.

This man has lost wages, contracts, business opportunities etc. He has spent thousands on bonds, fee and lawyers. These women have taken farm supplies and done everything in their power to prevent this community garden from happening. We appreciate all donations to improve the farm (that has been sitting idle for SEVEN MONTHS as this man fought for his rights). These women harassed this man for over  a year, it should have never even made it this far, but it did and we are moving forward rebuilding our community.”-Go Fund Me


Source: Detroit Metro Times

Image; Go Fund Me