Our heros sure let us down in 2015.


So basically this White woman pretended to be Black woman. She even had a job as a leader for the NAACP. She got busted by a nosy news reporter who probably thought that outing her was going to win him Pulitzer Prize or something. Who cares if she wants to be Black, no one really cared when Bruce Jenner wanted to be a woman.



One of the most trusted news people from NBC and the world, got us real good. Turns out Brian was lying about some of his news stories. Well NBC fired him from his “Nightly News” position, suspended him, and made him the lonely breaking news anchor. I think I saw him for a minute when the Pope came to town.


brian williams



Jared made a s*** load of money over the years when he became the spokesman for the SUBWAY restaurants. He got to hang out with celebrities and most importantly he encourage a lot of people to lose weight. But he turned out to be just NASTY. He got caught with child porn on his computer AND busted for having sex with minors…see you in 15 years Jared.



Bil has got to be the most likable guy in the world, so it was a complete shock to see him accused of drugging and raping a whole bunch of women. I don’t know whats worse, him admitting that he kept drugs to knock them out just to have sex with them, or celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ghost Dad.

bill cosby


The worlds mot famous wrestler was caught on audio using a racial slur. This is the same man that told us to say our prayers and eat our vitamins. But really, he never said you couldn’t be a racist. After the incident the WWE completely wiped him out of existence.

hulk hogan

C. Stewart