The best local Super Bowl 50 ads you did not see


We comprised some of the best Super Bowl 50 commercials from local TV stations that you probably didn’t see because of your location.

Straight from the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia). Mike Tyson appeared in a local commercial for Micheal and Son Services. Whats interesting is that this commercial was probably better than most of the ads that had been shown nationally during the Super Bowl. the ad actually has Mike Tyson and his son.

Watch the commercial and then watch Mike Tyson singing the jingle to Micheal and Son Services

Now watch the hilarious outtakes.

From New York city comes a PSA message about addiction and there is hope for those that need it.

Another local New York ad featured a coffee company, Death Wish Coffee that won a contest to have their product featured during the Super Bowl. Known as the worlds strongest coffee, the company has been racking up in sales from national and international orders.-source

From Texas comes a sort of inspirational ad from the Texas Rangers celebrating the return of baseball season.

From St. Louis comes a commercial that was paid for by a local attorney and St.Louis Rams fan expressing  how displeased he is with the St. Louis Rams owner moving the teal to Los Angeles.

In Michigan a man pulled off the greatest proposal ever by asking his girl to marry him in a Super Bowl commercial.

C. Stewart