VP Mike Pence Thanking Abraham Lincoln For Freeing Slaves While Referencing Black History Month Got The Twitter Treatment

Some people on Twitter felt that Vice President Mike Pence should have actually mentioned a Black person for Black History Month instead of praising Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves.

#PenceBlackHistory Let us remember sir Paul McCartney for introducing us to successful black artists like this one! pic.twitter.com/m9lFlLsyIp

In honor of BHM we nominate Sandra Bullock for the Nobel Peace Prize for saving that big black kid #PenceBlackHistory #TrumpBlackHistory

Black History Month: Let’s remember @JoeBiden, first Vice President to a Black President. #PenceBlackHistory

Today, I’d like to honor Miley Cyrus for finally teaching black women the delicate art of twerking. #PenceBlackHistory


Let us remember Steven Tyler for giving Run DMC their first big break.

#PenceBlackHistory pic.twitter.com/Khhms9W3VK

Without the white bus driver telling Rosa Parks to get up, she wouldn’t have been able to refuse. #PenceBlackHistory

As #BHM begins, we remember the landlord who allowed George & Weezy to “move on up.” #PenceBlackHistory pic.twitter.com/jHqpNg1l7b

Let us recognize Mike Pence for trying to assert white supremacy over black history #Penceblackhistory#bhm #BlackHistoryMonth pic.twitter.com/UYQ7LCtMDm