Instagram Fool, Boonk Gang, Arrested In L.A. For Warrants In Florida.

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John Robert Hill, AKA Boonk to all of his Instagram followers, was arrested in L.A. because he outstanding warrants if Florida. A video was posted on his Instagram page with Hill in handcuffs, but no explanation why. Police probably caught up with hill because of his constant posting to social media.


Last night was wild & They took BOONK !! ūüė§ūüĒď #boonkgang #freeboonk

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Hill violated his probation when he left the state of Florida and headed to California to further his new internet fame for being an Instagram jerk. Read Doing Time. Man Arrested For Being An Instagram Jerk. Boonk has been living it up with other internet celebrities and even got a chance to meet rapper and CEO of No Limit records, Master P. 

Hill had only a few months probation if he stayed in Florida. Now he faces a longer sentence for fleeing to California and continued to post on Instagram his whereabouts along with his shenanigans. He is now waiting to be extradited back to Florida, which is going to be a task itself since that state is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The moral of the story, when you wanted by the cops, don’t keep posting your location on social media.

Image from Florida Department of Corrections